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Finley Kay Slater: Birth

On one of the most important days of my life and one of the most beautiful miracles….I was BLESSED to have my younger sister and second shooter, Jenny, come take pictures during the birth of our daughter, Finley. I am overwhelmed with thanks to her and overcome with emotions when I see these images. They mean more to me than she, or anyone, could ever know. I LOVE that I have these to look back on and remember moments that I would have forgot. I thought I would show you my story and also show how meaningful it is to have your birth documented. What I would give to have these for Cohen. It breaks my heart that I don’t. But I have a wonderful husband who remembers that day much better than I do. 😉 Here’s a glimpse into this day and one of the most amazing miracles, this side of Heaven. What an awesome God. Enjoy this sweet girl…cause I sure do.




A huge Thanks to Jenny Poe for these images. I love you forever!


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